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Nillkin Tempered Glass H for Samsung Galaxy A52/A52S 4G/5G

89 kr.

With the Nillkin Tempered Glass H for Samsung Galaxy A52/A52S 4G/5G. This high-quality tempered glass is designed to provide maximum protection against scratches, drops, and other daily wear and tear. The glass is made from premium materials and has a hardness rating of 9H, making it extremely durable and resistant to damage. It also features an oleophobic coating that repels fingerprints and smudges, keeping your screen clean and clear at all times. The Nillkin Tempered Glass H is easy to install and fits perfectly on your Samsung Galaxy A52/A52S 4G/5G, providing full coverage and maintaining the touch sensitivity of your device. Protect your phone's screen with the Nillkin Tempered Glass H and enjoy peace of mind knowing your device is safe from everyday hazards.

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  • Kategorier : Samsung
  • EAN :6902048215788